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International  Federation  of  independent  Experts




International Federation of Independent Experts






s p h e r e s   o f   a c t i v i t y   o f   i f o i e

Spheres of activity of International Federation of Independent Experts


1.      Legal consultancy and advice in all types of legal services including real estate deals.

2.      All types of expertise and studies in the following fields:


2.1.            Criminalistics including: handwriting, technical-documentary, traceological, ballistic expertise and etc.

2.2.            Legal medicine

2.3.            Legal psychiatry

2.4.            Psychology

2.4.1.      Psychological advice and testing

2.4.2.      IQ express testing

2.5.            Motor vehicles technical expertise

2.6.            Fire technical expertise

2.7.            Architecture and building

2.8.            Real estate and movable property estimation

2.9.            Labour protection and safety

2.10.        Production process equipment

2.11.        Hydraulic

2.12.        Complex estimation of farming machines and equipment

2.13.        Energy, gas and steam supply and equipment

2.14.        Biology and chemistry

2.15.        Chemical and structural analysis of soil

2.16.        Poisonous, narcotic, addictive substances and substances of vegetable and unknown extraction

2.17.        Ecology and Meteorology

2.18.        Hygiene and sanitary expertise of cafes, bistros, food retail shops, workshops etc. at the stage of reconstruction and construction

2.19.        Geology and Geodesy

2.20.        Pharmacology

2.21.        Commodity research including perfume, cloth and foot ware quality

2.22.        Bioacoustics including vibration expertise; analysis of singl acoustic processes (shooting, hitting)

2.23.        Air pollution analysis (presence of methane, sulphur hydrogen, carbon monoxide) in gas carriers and tankers

2.23.        Patent and License studies

2.24.1.  Filing and defense of invention claims

2.25.        Intellectual property estimation, including inventions

2.26.        Insurance feasibility studies of real and movable property

2.27.        Finance and book-keeping

2.28.        Legal expertise including maritime, air, trade and international laws

2.29.        Author’s rights including art and literature (textological)

2.30.        Customs legistation consultancy

2.31.        Information technologies security


C o n f i d e n t i a l i t y   a n d   q u a l i t y   i s   g u a r a n t e e d