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International  Federation  of  independent  Experts




International Federation of Independent Experts






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Contacts with International Federation of Independent Experts


      Representative offices of independent experts and experts from IFOIE being physical persons, – from different countries. Therefore a coordinating center IFOIE is in Latvia. Chairman of Rule    Julius Anschin.


Contact telephone numbers:             +371 67226424               +371 29545038                  E-mail: snef@inbox.lv

Legal and actual address IFOIE and AIEOL lnea.ucoz.lv: Rīga, Turgeņeva iela 21a, LV-1050 (Location on the map).

Time of work
Monday: 9–17       Tuesday: 9–17       Wednesday: 9–17       Thursday: 9–17       Friday: 9–15       Saturday:        Sunday:



    International Federation of Independent Experts (SNEF, IFOIE МФНЭ), Association of Independent Experts of Latvia (LNEA, АНЭЛ), Latvia, Riga.


Chairman of rule –

Julius Anschin


    Independent bureau of judicial medical experts of Lithuania (TEISMO MEDICININIU TYRIMU BIURAS), Lithuania, Vilnius.



Chairman of rule –

Antonas Garmus


   Bureau of independent experts of Estonia (OÜ EKSPERTIISI BÜROO "NORA KASEMAA"), Estonia, Thalline.




Director –

Nora Kasemaa


    Closed Joint-stock Company (ЗАО), Independent Expert Company (НЭК), Moscow expertise – Pskow” ("МОСЭКСПЕРТИЗА – ПСКОВ"), Russia, Pskov.


General director –

Larisa Semyonova



      Limit liability company (ООО), Agency of estimation of "Kovalyova and company" (АГЕНТСТВО ОЦЕНКИ "КОВАЛЁВА И КОМПАНИЯ"). Russia, Smolensk.


General director –

Galina Kovalyova



     Limit liability company (ООО), Center of estimation and audit. Russian Federation, Republic of Hacasiya (Хакасия), Chernogorsc (Черногорск).



Direktore –

Tatyana Goloschapova



      Limit liability company (ООО), "YAR - ESTIMATION" («ЯР – ОЦЕНКА»), Russia, Yaroslavl.




General director –

Coschubara T.M.


     Physical persons from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel - the members of IFOIE also conduct examinations in the most different spheres of activity.






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JR Security consulting; Security solutions, Jakov Radomislenky
SIA Aleksandra Hruļova juridiskais birojs (Alexander Hruļov legal bureau)







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               МФРБ (IFORB)    International Federation

of Russian-language Business

                              Chairman of rule

                                                  Sergey Gaidukow








             BIA (BSA) – Baltic









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