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International Federation of Independent Experts
Informative IFOIE WEB-site International Federation of Independent Experts, about legal consultancy and advices, expertise's and studies
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International Federation of Independent Experts

          You   entered  on  the  main   page  of   informative  web-site   of   International   Federation  of   Independent    Experts.

          In    corresponding   divisions   basic   information   is   accommodated    on    principle   –   shortly   about   main,   including   about   legal   consultancy   and   advices,   expertise's   and   studies...

        This   informative   web-site   IFOIE   is   created   in   an   order   to   possess   information   about   International   Federation  of   Independent  Experts   from   an   original   source.

Postscript/ Look also a web-site Associations Independent Experts of Latvia: lnea.ucoz.lv

With respect, administrator of web-site IFOIE – expert-psychologist Tatjana Kudrjavceva.

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